MISTA: List of papers by authors

This page was developed to give a summary of the papers that have been presented at MISTA, sorted by the authors. It is provided to give you a quick way to check all the papers that you have published at MISTA (or in the post conference publication).

The papers are NOT complete references. To see the complete reference, click on the link to paper link.

You can view the papers in various ways.

  • All papers (full papers, abstracts and selected papers)
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There is also a menu under each author, so that you can just display the data for just one author.


  1. Blazewicz, J (2009) Approximation algorithm for berth and quay crane allocation problem with bounds., 748--751 (Abstract) (link to paper)
  2. Blazewicz, J (2007) Genetic Algorithm for Late Work Minimization in a Flow Shop System, 455--462 (Full Paper) (link to paper)
  3. Blazewicz, J (2005) On a certain berth scheduling problem, 694--697 (Abstract) (link to paper)
  4. Blazewicz, J (2017) Multi-agent based approach for the origins of life hypothesis, 009--009 (Abstract) (link to paper)
  5. Blazewicz, J (2013) Dual Discounting Functions for Internet Shopping Optimization Problem, 667--669 (Abstract) (link to paper)
  6. Blazewicz, J. (2016) Novel dual discounting functions for the Internet shopping optimization problem: new algorithms, 245--255 (Selected Paper) (link to paper)
  7. Blazewicz, J (2011) Preface, 407--407 (Selected Paper) (link to paper)

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