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How we display publications

This forum is part of the MISTA conference series web site.

We have spent quite a lot of time on a system where the MISTA publication web pages are driven by a bibtex file. That is, we maintain a bibtex file and the web pages that display the publications pages are automatically generated at run time.

The system has taken a lot of development. As well as the PHP development, another time consuming task was making sure that the bibtex file was correct. We were also keen to make sure that the bibtex file contains the abstract so that we could display this on the web site. At the time of writing we still need to put the 2003 abstracts in the bibtex file, but the others are all there.

We are still finding some errors in the bibtex file, although they are diminishing in number. However, it has been well worth all the effort as the bibtex now drives the MISTA publication pages and as more conferences take place it will require minimal effort to add another set of papers. It is not quite as easy as just adding to the bibtex file, as we have to do a bit of maintenance to include another year, but that is a small amount of work compared to working in raw HTML.

The system we have developed is PHP based, and is based on a set of software tools provided by Andreas Classen, but we have added to it quite a lot to give us some extra functionality that we need.

If you take a look at what we have achieved (see for example the list of papers from MISTA 2007) you can see that we can display all the papers (abstracts and full papers) from a given year and, using the menu on the left, you can decide whether to filter by different types of paper. For those of you that understand URL parameter passing, you can see what we are doing to drive this process by looking at the format of the URL.

If you see a paper that you are interested in, you can click on the link and that will take you to more details about the paper, including the abstract, the full citation, how to download it etc.

If you want any more details, there is another blog (this is actually my blog where I have been documenting various aspects of parsing bibtex files) that has a little more detail about the trials and tribulations of parsing bibtex files.