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What scheduling resources should you know about?

This forum is part of the MISTA conference series web site.

What are the scheduling papers that you must be aware of? Not necessarily have read, but just be aware of? It will, of course, depend on the area of scheduling that you are interested in, but there are probably some papers that everybody should at least be aware of.

We are not necessarily talking about important papers in a particular area but those papers (or books) that outline some seminal idea, or is the first paper in a particular area.

We’ll open with just one suggestion, in the hope that readers of this forum will add to the list so that we can compile a list of must know about papers which can be one of the first ports of call for anybody with an interest in scheduling.

The one suggestion we have is the paper that introduced the Vehicle Routing Problem. That is:

Dantzig, G.B; Ramser, J.H. (1959). The Truck Dispatching Problem. Management Science 6 (1): 80–91 (doi) (what is a doi?).

If you know of some must know about papers (or books), let us know. We’ll collate all the suggestions on this forum post and eventually collate them into a single post which list the ones that are considered the most important/useful.

If you do suggest some resources, please supply as much information as you can (including the DOI for journal papers, ISBN for books etc.).