Sports Scheduling: Recent Publications

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Looking at the the latest issue of the Journal of Scheduling (Volume 15, Issue 5, Oct 2012), it is good to see that sports scheduling gets two mentions.

David C. Uthus, Patricia J. Riddle and HansW. Guesgen publish a paper entitled Solving the traveling tournament problem with iterative-deepening A* (doi). The paper tackles a problem that was introduced a few years ago by Mike Trick and Kelly Easton. I doubt that anybody realised how difficult the problem would be to solve. It still remains a challenge, even for moderately sized instances.

It will be interesting to see how the community progresses over the next few years.

The other paper in this issue is a review of the various ways that soccer schedules are used in Europe. The details of the paper are:

Dries R. Goossens and Frits C.R. Spieksma, Soccer schedules in Europe: an overview (doi).

This looks like an excellent paper for anybody who is new to the area or, indeed, to those who work in the area and needs an up to date reference of the various competition formats.

I hope more sports scheduling papers will appear in future issues of the Journal of Scheduling, as well as in other journals.