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Marketing Timetabling on youtube

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There are many ways that timetabling companies can market themselves using social media. Twitter and Facebook are the obvious ones, with youtube being another favored option. The problem with youtube (unlike Facebook and Twitter) is that you have to make a video which might be just too much effort for some people/companies. It is not so much the time but you want the video to look good, and have a good soundtrack and both those things might be difficult to achieve without professional help.

Therefore, it might be a surprise then to learn that timetabling has a presence on youtube, and quite a significant one at that.

We thought that it might be worth providing a few links (and feel free to add more in the comments) of youtube videos that caught out eye. If you search for timetabling on youtube, you’ll find  many more videos that we have listed here.

Anyhow, take a look at these for starters and let us know about any other good timetabling videos.

Tim Brighouse on timetabling: “Professor TIm Brighouse explains how a school timetable – the elephant in the room – can determine whether a school can change – or not.” (link to youtube).

Eventmap Solutions: Six videos which demonstrate some aspects of their products (link to youtube).

How to timetable your Fall 2012 courses at Thompson Rivers University (TRU): “Learn how to timetable your fall and winter semester courses at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC, Canada” (link to youtube).

UC (University of Canterbury, New Zealand) Centralised Timetabling Project: Syllabus+™ Presentation: “Dr Peter Bolton, the subject matter expert for UC’s timetabling tool Syllabus+™, presents an overview to UC staff . The implementation of the centralised timetabling project will ensure UC offers a best practice approach to timetabling, which minimises clashes and maximises teaching resources” (link to youtube).

Student Timetabling Online Project (STOP):David William Turner introduces the “Student Timetabling Online Project (STOP)” project which aims to review, redesign, implement, upskill and evaluate a new admin system to manage room bookings and timetabling creation, using business process review and change management methodologies” (link to youtube).

The Algebra of Timetabling: “Dr Marcel Jackson explains constraint satisfaction problems” (link to youtube).