Scope of Forum

Scheduling covers a wide area and the topics listed below are just a small sample of those that we could possibly list (but please let us have other suggestions).

We have created categories for each of the topics below. This means that if you contribute a post on a particular subject, you can associate it with the relevant category (or categories) and it will enable other readers to find all the posts on that subject.

The current list of topics are:

  • Educational Timetabling
  • Course Timetabling
  • Examination Timetabling
  • Flow Shop Scheduling
  • Job Shop Scheduling
  • Machine Scheduling
  • Personnel Rostering
  • Production Scheduling
  • Real Time Scheduling
  • Real World Applications
  • Sports Scheduling
  • Supply Chain Scheduling
  • Transport Scheduling
  • Vehicle Routing

As well as these scheduling based topics, we also welcome posts on the MISTA conference, or its web site.

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