MISTA 2017: Plenary Speakers

Jacek Błaźewicz, Institute of Computing Science, Poznan University of Technology

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Multi-agent based approach for the origins of life hypothesis

Multi- agent systems have been used extensively in scheduling, but the methodology has many other applications. One of those appears to be the analysis of the origins of life hypothesis. One of the most recognized hypotheses for the origins of life is the RNA world hypothesis. Laboratory experiments have been conducted to prove some assumptions of that hypothesis. However, despite some successes in the "wet-lab" experiments, we are still far from a complete explanation. Bioinformatics, supported by operations research and in particular by multi-agent approach, appears to provide perfect tools to model and test various scenarios of the origins of life where wet-lab experiments cannot reflect the true complexity of the problem. This paper illustrates some recent advancements in that area and points out possible directions for further research.

Ender Özcan, University of Nottingham

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