MISTA 2017: Program

The conference program is split into the following sections:

  1. Workshop (Tuesday 5th Dec 2017) (details here)
  2. The full conference program is available here
  3. MISTA Social Day (Kuala Lumpur tour)

The plenary speakers can be seen here

A list of the papers being presented is:

  1. Haidong Li, Xiaoyun Xu and Yaping Zhao Customer Order Scheduling on Unrelated Parallel Machines to Minimize Total Weighted Completion Time (Ref: 008)
  2. Roel Leus, Salim Rostami and Stefan Creemers Optimal solutions for minimum-cost sequential system testing (Ref: 009)
  3. Steven Edwards, Davaatseren Baatar, Simon Bowly and Kate Smith-Miles Symmetry breaking in a special case of the RCPSP/max (Ref: 010)
  4. Andreas Emeretlis, George Theodoridis, Panayiotis Alefragis and Nikolaos Voros Exploration of Logic-Based Benders Decomposition Approach for Mapping Applications on Heterogeneous Multi-Core Platforms (Ref: 011)
  5. Veekeong Saw, Amirah Rahman and Wen Eng Ong A Weight Assignment Approach for Solving Multicriteria Global Path Planning of Unmanned Combat Vehicles (Ref: 012)
  6. Nurul Farahin Jamaluddin, Nur Aidya Hanum Aizam and Nurul Liyana Abdul Aziz Mathematical model for a high quality examination timetabling problem: case study of a university in Malaysia (Ref: 013)
  7. Nurul Liyana Abdul Aziz, Nur Aidya Hanum Aizam and Nurul Farahin Jamaluddin Variation of Demands for a New Improvised University Course Timetabling Problem Mathematical Model (Ref: 014)
  8. Raymond S K Kwan, Zhiyuan Lin, Pedro J Copado-Mendez and Li Lei Multi-commodity flow and station logistics resolution for train unit scheduling (Ref: 015)
  9. Teobaldo Bulhoes, Ruslan Sadykov, Eduardo Uchoa and Anand Subramanian On the exact solution of a large class of parallel machine scheduling problems (Ref: 016)
  10. Hakan Gultekin, Sinan Gurel and Vahid Eghbal Akhlaghi Robotic Cell Scheduling Considering Energy Consumption of Robot Moves (Ref: 018)
  11. Maximilian Moll, Stefan Pickl, Manon Raap and Martin Zsifkovits Optimal Interdiction of Vehicle Routing on a Dynamic Network (Ref: 021)
  12. Emmanouil Thanos, Tony Wauters and Greet Vanden Berghe Scheduling container transportation through conflict-free trajectories in a warehouse layout: A local search approach (Ref: 023)
  13. Boukhalfa Zahout, Ameur Soukhal and Patrick Martineau Fixed jobs scheduling on a single machine with renewable resources (Ref: 024)
  14. Yahui Liu and Buyang Cao Improving Ant Colony Optimization algorithm with Levy Flight (Ref: 027)
  15. Ian Frederic Ilagan and Charlle Sy A Robust Crew Pairing Model for Airline Operations using Crew Swaps and Slack Times (Ref: 028)
  16. Takuya Tsuboi, Tatsushi Nishi, Yoshitaka Tanimizu and Toshiya Kaihara An Integrated Optimization of Dynamic Product Family Configuration and Supply Chain Configuration (Ref: 029)
  17. Pieter Smet, Federico Mosquera, Túlio A. M. Toffolo and Greet Vanden Berghe Integer programming for home care scheduling with flexible task frequency and controllable processing times (Ref: 030)
  18. Karim Tamssaouet, Stéphane Dauzère-Pérès, Claude Yugma and Jacques Pinaton A Batch-oblivious Approach For Scheduling Complex Job-Shops with Batching Machines: From Non-delay to Active Scheduling (Ref: 031)
  19. Benoit Cantais, Antoine Jouglet and David Savourey Three upper bounds for the speed meeting problem (Ref: 032)
  20. Farnaz Ghazi Nezami, Mojtaba Heydar and Regina Berretta Optimizing Production Schedule with Energy Consumption and Demand Charges in Parallel Machine Setting (Ref: 033)
  21. Julian Schulte, Maik Günther and Volker Nissen Evolutionary Bilevel Approach for Integrated Long-Term Staffing and Scheduling (Ref: 034)
  22. Xiao Fei Yang, Masri Ayob and Mohd Zakree Ahmad Nazri Modeling a Practical University Course Timetabling Problem with Reward and Penalty Objective Function: Case Study FTSM-UKM (Ref: 035)
  23. Jens Rocholl and Lars Moench Hybrid Heuristics for Multiple Orders per Job Scheduling Problems with Parallel Machines and a Common Due Date (Ref: 036)
  24. Carlo Mannino, Lukas Bach and Dag Kjenstad The "Orchestrator" approach to multimodal continental trip planning. (Ref: 037)
  25. Alexander Kiefer, Michael Schilde and Karl Doerner Scheduling of maintenance tasks of a large-scale tram network (Ref: 038)
  26. Helio Fuchigami A parametric priority rule for just-in-time scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setup times (Ref: 039)
  27. Lukas Bach Railway Rolling Stock Maintenance - Crew Scheduling at Maintenance Depots (Ref: 040)
  28. Angelo Oddi, Riccardo Rasconi and Miguel A. Gonzalez A constraint programming approach for the energy-efficient job shop scheduling problem (Ref: 041)
  29. Antonin Novak, Premysl Sucha and Zdenek Hanzalek Efficient algorithms for non-preemptive mixed-criticality match-up scheduling problem (Ref: 042)
  30. Rudy Oude Vrielink, Erik Jansen, Ewout Gort, Jos van Hillegersberg and Erwin Hans Towards improving tenders for Higher Education timetabling software: Uncovering the selection criteria of HEIs when choosing timetabling applications, using ERP as a reference (Ref: 043)
  31. Roman Barták, Jiří Švancara and Marek Vlk Scheduling Models for Multi-Agent Path Finding (Ref: 044)
  32. Davide Armellini, Paolo Borzone, Sara Ceschia, Luca Di Gaspero and Andrea Schaerf Modeling and Solving the Steelmaking and Casting Planning and Scheduling Problem (Ref: 046)
  33. Yun-Chia Liang, Aldy Gunawan, Hui-Chih Chen and Josue Rodolfo Cuevas Juarez Solving Tourist Trip Design Problems Using a Virus Optimization Algorithm (Ref: 047)
  34. Francisco Regis Abreu Gomes and Geraldo Robson Mateus Mathematical Formulation for Minimizing Total Tardiness in a Scheduling Problem with Parallel Machines (Ref: 048)
  35. Seyed Mahdi Homayouni and Dalila Fontes Integrated Scheduling of Machines, Vehicles and Storage Tasks in Flexible Manufacturing Systems (Ref: 049)
  36. Thanh Trung Huynh, Quang Dung Pham, Emir Demirovic, Maxime Clement and Katsumi Inoue Balanced clustering based decomposition applied to Master thesis defense timetabling problem (Ref: 050)
  37. Aldy Gunawan, Vincent. F. Yu, A. A. N. Perwira Redi, Parida Jewpanya and Hoong Chuin Lau A Selective-Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Solving a Class of Orienteering Problems (Ref: 051)
  38. Aldy Gunawan, Hoong Chuin Lau and Kun Lu Home Health Care Delivery Problem (Ref: 053)
  39. Kehan Han and Paul McMullan Hyper-heuristics using Reinforcement Learning for the Examination Timetabling Problem (Ref: 054)
  40. Kittichai Lavangnananda, Peerasak Wangsom and Pascal Bouvry The Application of Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm (NSGA-III) for Scientific-workflow Scheduling on Cloud (Ref: 055)
  41. Ruibin Bai, Ning Xue, Xia Li and Tianxiang Cui Responsive Single Bus Corridor Scheduling Based on Machine Learning and Optimisation (Ref: 056)
  42. Marek Vlk, Roman Barták and Emmanuel Hebrard Benders Decomposition in SMT for Rescheduling of Hierarchical Workflows (Ref: 057)
  43. Ahmed Kheiri, Alaa Daffalla, Yossra Noureldien and Ender Özcan Selection Hyper-heuristics for Solving the Wind Farm Layout Optimisation Problem (Ref: 058)